Recent Acquisitions

Recent Acquisitions

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An Illustrated History Of American Eating & Drinking

"Kissing don't last", George Meredith once wrote. "Cookery do!" - The American Heritage Cookbook And Illustrated History Of American Eating & Drinking

The final day of the AAUW book sale is always Sunday. They basically want to get rid of what remains on the tables, so the deal is that they give you a shopping bag(s) to fill and it’s three dollars a bag. Not bad.

This is the day the whole family joins me, and it’s not just about cookbooks. My bibliophilia extends far beyond cookery. This is the day we have found treasures like biographies of Jefferson and Franklin. There have been reference books, children’s books, novels I hadn’t seen in years. We got a full set of Winston Churchill’s history of the Second World War, and I replaced many SciFi titles lost in my fire.

As always there are cookbooks. Things I thought about but passed on. Things I may have missed, or never considered. Sometimes a backup to a well-used cookbook, sometimes a newer edition or one just in better shape.

I always love these last day treasures.

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